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Our cross-platform compatible solutions enable you to transact business without any restrictions. Mobile Wallet Application DevelopmentWe create custom digital mobile wallet solutions for some of the premier companies worldwide. With the ability to manage multiple types of credit and debit cards, cryptocurrencies, and other forms of payment, it is a must-have solution in today’s digital economy.

As the perennial innovator, Zomato decided to try to unlock this customer value through Zomato Gold. Its beauty was in its simplicity, an annual subscription to get a free dish/beverage at a partner restaurant. But other small battles like building a strong delivery fleet of more than 180K riders and expanding to 500 plus cities launching a city a day in 2018 were also being played. Zomato, while protecting its territory in the dining business, had to fight battle on multiple fronts with Swiggy. The contrarian asset heavy model resulted in high customer retention.

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On Instagram, again, BigBasket beats out its competitors by boasting of 1k followers more than Grofers. BigBasket also has the highest engagement rate on this platform. When talking about Twitter, however, Grofers beats BigBasket by attracting 25k followers. Its fibre pectin aids in getting rid of piled up metals and food additives.

Consistent and legible, this san-serif offers up a friendly voice, and one that’s instantly recognisable by iPhone users. If you’re dissatisfied with the products delivered, please register a complaint via the app within 48 hours for non-perishable items and 24 hours for perishable items. Our customer support team will get in touch with you to resolve this issue.You can also return the products which you are dissatisfied with, at the time of delivery and we will get the refund initiated for you. Starting way back in 1989, online grocery delivery service Peapod is one of the oldest and most experienced competitors.

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He believes that a business model for the top 20 million customers is not sustainable. And then there is Amazon, which provides multiple grocery delivery models, and comes with billions of dollars in its kitty. In case you do have an idea that is not similar to any of our pre-built products we can surely develop something totally custom, from scratch for you. We will try to re-use some of the micro-services and reusable software components to do some rapid application development. On average it costs over $100,000 to build most of these products that we have, so using them as a base to build your customized business idea will definitely bring your costs and time down significantly.

  • The company increased the availability of leafy greens in Mumbai and the supply of a special kind of rice in Bangalore.
  • Competing with online beauty products retailer Nykaa, this category goes beyond the usual personal care products that you will find in supermarkets.
  • New coupon codes for Grofers are continuously added throughout the year; over the last 30 days we have found 13 online coupons for Grofers.
  • Due to digital transformation and an increase in mobile-on-demand applications, online grocery applications have taken the key roles in our daily lives.
  • If so, you are going to need to do a bunch of research on tree removal cost to ensure that you find a reputable one.

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