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Guys My Age Wouldn’t Date Me, therefore I Became a ‘Cougar’

As soon as the 27-year-old guy that is french recently matched with on Tinder states he would like to prepare me personally supper at their household for the very first date, I’m not absolutely all that astonished. The French tend to become more intimate than People in america, even if it is pretty much intercourse. But six hours before our date, he blows up food questions to my phone.

“You consume goat cheese, sweet Melanie?”

What about salmon? Crepes for dessert? This or that for appetizers? What sort of wine?

“I’m sure I’ll love anything you prepare, don’t worry,” I say, partly moved, partly frustrated.

“But it is the very first time we see you. I would like every thing become perfect!” he texts right back.

I’m certain it will be, We guarantee him. I’m a 41-year-old girl utilizing the sexual interest of the teenage child and we’d already established as they call it here in France that we’re both just looking for a “sex friend. All of this work on their component is good but completely unneeded.

When I reach their place, damn does it smell amazing. The dining table can be so heavy with platters it appears directly away from a feast that is medieval. And many more food is cooking within the oven! “I made this sauce only for you,” he claims, supporting a platter of breads, spreads, and fancy French cheeses. This sauce—which that is special he notifies me personally, is named “Melanie’s Special Sauce”—makes my knees buckle.

Over appetizers, he waxes poetic as to what a strong US girl we am—we rise hills, travel the planet alone, I’m fearless.