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In the few seconds it takes to watch a video, users can earn virtual currency. As you watch videos, the virtual currency accumulates and can be redeemed for products of real monetary value, such as Amazon gift cards or real cash. The goal is to ClipClaps update apk fill the view bars, which might contain money or treasure chests. Each user is compensated based on how much time they spend navigating ClipClaps.

There is also a Lucky Spin which you can do every 5 hours. When there is a maximum of 5 spins available you will receive a push notification so you can use up your 5 spins and the spins will then begin to build up. Again these spins are all free so you don’t have to use up either your points or bank to participate. Nonetheless, the ClipClaps App gives you points when you complete a task. The creators say they can be exchanged for dollars when you reach the minimum sum required for payment. You will also learn how you can redeem $1 just by signing up for free.

Why Use Memu For Clipclaps

Money can be exchanged for the aforementioned goods, and the chests can contain all kinds of prizes, such as virtual currency, exchange cards, discount codes, and more. ClipClap is a free app for Android and iOS devices and is found at The App Store and Play Store. There are many other reward apps that offer the opportunity to earn money by watching videos ads such as FeaturePoints, Rewardable and BFast BFree. ClipClaps is an entertaining app that shows viral videos or funny video clips. You will receive rewards called Clapcoins every time you finished watching videos or videos at a certain time. Clapcoins can then be converted to US Dollars and cashed out through Paypal.

The working platform also checks that we now have no duplicates on the website. The internet site additionally verifies each email to safeguard against fraudulence. After you have uploaded your picture for the internet site, you can begin your quest. You’ll be able to send winks to those people you admire and also take part in the gallery that is like.

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You can also get them by participating in in-app raffles and games. For example, you can take part in quiz contests against other users or build your own aquarium. Yes I think a lot depends on people’s circumstances too.

  • The deal has since become an international scandal.
  • This code is visible within the Affiliate user profile.
  • You see, ClipClaps encourages users to upload their own funny and original content to the platform.
  • After you install them, open them and run them for 30 seconds.
  • The minimum payout is the same with Dog Condo which is 10 coins redeemable via Paypal or Amazon gift card.
  • Customers who purchase your products receive a link for downloading your music.
  • They can exchange or redeem these coins via Paypal, or chest that has raffle entries to good prizes, and also some cash.