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Sengupta discusses the importance of content being available in people’s native language. Dailyhunt offers content in 14 languages, greatly increasing access to Dailyhunt Android information. Microsoft and Google were part of an investment round that raised over $100 million for VerSe Innovation . VerSe makes Dailyhunt, a news aggregator, and Josh, a short video app and TikTok rival based in India, among several other brands.

  • Handled general operations of the organization, started and headed our global Student Ambassador Program , managed interns, outreach, partnerships with NGOs, schools, and hospitals, and marketing.
  • It was acquired by jobs classified company VerSe Innovation in 2012.
  • Many butcher houses were banned and restrictions were put on the slaughter of cow and sale of beef in the Sikh Empire, as following the traditions, cow was as sacred to the Sikhs as to the Hindus.
  • Again the relevance and quality of video content with an engaged audience makes it highly attractive for advertisers who want to reach out to the local language audience.
  • TechPluto covers the latest news and events from the tech & startup industry.

Here you cansee stories by topic or time feature, and use theManage Topicsscreen to stay on top of the news of your day. I think you should keep these apps for your updation and also if you are preparing for any compititive exam. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new stories by email.

Microsofts New App dolby Vision Extensions Now Available In Google Play Store

Unlike news platforms, news aggregators do not have loyal readers or a dedicated user base. Citing how news consumption has shifted to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the analyst says that a platform with more personalised content and more diversified offerings may not take long to beat Dailyhunt. Similar is the case with Josh as short-form video users have not shown much loyalty so far.

When he’s off work, you can find him sketching or reading novels of Stephen King on the go. Xiaomi defines itself as an Internet Company that makes supplementary hardware. Moreover the company has vowed to cap hardware profit margin to 5% only.

Dailyhunt Turns Unicorn With $100 Mn Funding From Google, Microsoft

You have to do it manually as there is no special app available for it. Make sure you don’t uninstall the security app as it’s a core app of MIUI. Now just connect your smartphone to your PC using a USB cable.

Hey Beebom please help me I done the first two steps but Xiaomi debloater tool is not installing on my device . Do not uninstall the Security app as it’s a core app of MIUI. To give you one more example, open native File Manager app and navigate to the “Settings” page. Basically, the toggle will be hidden inside Additional settings or Security or About oranything on similar lines.